Six thousand years have passed since the conscious initiates of order of Melkizedek fulfilled their mission to guide the survivors of the cataclysm of the Age of Taurus, instructing them to recover speech, writing and our historical memory; thus began the development of today's civilization.

In the same way, the initiates transmitted from master to disciple an occult testimony of the date of the cataclysm of the Aquarian Age, so that we could adequately prepare ourselves for the work we have undertaken to do Ad-Eternum.

But this work is impossible to accomplish unless the initiate consciously acquires full self-knowledge; for the state of unconsciousness leads only to acting out of blind faith or fanaticism, and not out of self-conviction; without consciousness no evolution is possible.

"You cannot evolve mechanically.

Human evolution is the evolution of awareness.

And awareness cannot evolve unconsciously;

The evolution of man is the evolution of his will.

And the will cannot evolve involuntarily.

The evolution of man is the evolution of his faculty of action.

And doing cannot be the result of what happens".

Ivanovich Gurdjieff

The end of a cycle

The call I made at the Spring Equinox of this year 2023 culminates today with the Winter Solstice, so that from this moment on, every initiate who has responded to our call will have the opportunity to receive the necessary guidance that will lead them to the path of self-knowledge and preparation for the conscious work we have to do.

To this end, I would like to announce that I will take advantage of this winter - a natural time of rest and renewal - to take a short break and prepare the necessary tools and tasks that will allow me to provide you with this vital instruction; and I will be back at the Spring Equinox of next year 2024, but no longer in a public way, but you will be able to contact me privately and personally as tradition dictates.

I want to make clear what I have said to my most advanced disciples and will repeat ad nauseam, we initiates do not reincarnate in this world to learn absolutely nothing; we only need to remember who we are and why we are here, and that memory will only come through the work of self-knowledge.

As an Instructor of The Line of Saint James of The Western Initiatory Chain, I can only give you the tools you need to achieve it, but it is impossible for me to use those tools for you, for it is a discovery and a work that only you can do, for they are your memories, not mine.

In conclusion, I reiterate what I said in a previous article, each initiate must find his own path of development and will not achieve it by following the path of another; the instructors of The Line of Saint James do not force our students to follow our steps, we only try to inspire them and give them the tools to find their own path.


Thank you

I do not want to say goodbye for this brief period of time without first thanking with all my heart all the initiates who are committed to my work and who, with their tithes or with their work of instruction, make it possible for me to fulfill my mission day by day in this present existence.

May the Masters of The Western Initiatory Chain bless you, inspire you, protect you and grant you much health, happiness and prosperity.

To the unconscious initiates I say that the message has already been given to you, whether you remember it or not, as an initiate you took an oath when you were initiated either in this or any of your previous incarnations, breaking that oath will bring you a very difficult Karma to bear. Know thyself, awaken from your lethargy and you will find your path.

To the conscious initiates, stand firm on the path, do not desert.

If you wish to continue your private instruction from spring 2024 onwards, you can write to me through the contact form.

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.

Winter Solstice 2023

Time of renewal