As an initiate, whether you are aware of it or not, you are born with several special gifts, one of which is that of seership. Women generally manifest this gift on the astral plane, while men do so on the mental plane; but it may be the case that an initiate, whether male or female, is born with both faculties.

In the occult and esoteric instruction of the West, initiates who possess both faculties are advised to lean toward the aspect of their personality which they master more, whether it be the intellectual or the intuitive; this does not mean, however, that they should renounce one or the other; on the contrary, the one which remains in the background should serve as a balancing factor to the one which inclines them more, for in such cases, there is a reason and a purpose for being born with both faculties.

Many unconscious initiates may go their entire lives without realizing the great influence that this type of intuition, premonition or hunch has or has had in their lives, in their decisions, in their successes and in their failures.

On the other hand, there are unconscious initiates who do realize that they possess this faculty, but because they have not had proper initiatory training, they use it in a wrong way that is counterproductive to their conscious evolution, bringing more painful Karma into their lives by mistakenly believing that knowing the future, or the hidden feelings and desires of others, is an advantage for them, and not a great responsibility that can become a terrible misfortune, not only for them, but for all those whom their predictions and omens can affect the normal development of their Karma and free will.

What is the implication of violating the free will of others?

Free will is the personal and individual responsibility that we human beings have for each and every action or omission we make in our daily lives, and for the corresponding consequences that those actions or omissions have on our own lives and on the lives of others, whether they are human beings, animals or the world around us.

In other words, every human being who has passed the age of innocence is responsible for the favorable or unfavorable consequences of everything they does or fails to do, everything they says or fails to say, everything they feels or fails to feel, and everything they thinks or fails to think.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this is not taught to us when we are children; on the contrary, very few parents and guardians teach their children or tutored to take responsibility for their actions, and this is because they themselves were brought up with the idea that there is always someone out there responsible for everything that happens to us and that, therefore, we are victims of circumstances or the wishes of others, be it God, the Devil, spirits, etc.

Thus, when an unconscious initiate uses their gift of divination to influence and modify the free will of others, they prevents them from fulfilling their Karmatic learning plan, and this has very painful consequences for the diviner.

Because freedom is the most precious gift that the evolving human being possesses, and whoever leads another human being, directly or indirectly, to evade responsibility for the consequences of their acts, is attempting against the educational work of the Law of Karma, and with their interventionist attitude is fostering the physical, psychic, mental or spiritual slavery of that person, and sooner or later the enslaver will have to bear the consequences of interfering against this law.

In order to better understand this approach, I will give you an example of the most frequent mistakes made by a fortune teller who lacks clairvoyance, since an untrained seer does not have the ability to distinguish when their vision is real and when it is an illusion created by their own imagination, their own desires, or by the imagination and desires of another human being.

The Plane or dimension of human illusions

The astral plane, which is the seat where all human emotions and desires accumulate and develop, is known in the occult and esoteric tradition as the plane or dimension of illusions.

On this plane very vivid images of the feelings and desires of all human beings are automatically formed, some images are barely perceptible while others are highly distinguishable, depending on the strength and intensity with which these feelings and desires are generated.

Suppose a couple is in conflict in their relationship, and one of the partners is a believer in fortune tellers' predictions or has an acquaintance who is and convinces them to come for a consultation with you.

The basic problem of this couple is that one of them comes from a conflictive family environment where their parents divorced and this person has an unconscious trauma that makes their transfer the painful experiences of their parents as if they were their own. That is to say, in their mind they tends to recreate the same scenes of the fights and confrontations that led their parents to divorce, but where the protagonists are no longer their parents but the couple in conflict and in fact many of their current problems is that this person is mistakenly convinced that this is really happening in their current relationship.

It is here where you, inexperienced diviner, come into play, and when you observe in the astral matrix the scenes that your consultant has impregnated, you are not able to distinguish that they are illusory or false images and that they were formed by copying a real but foreign story and substituting the people of the original story, for the person who makes the consultation and their partner.

Thus, from a false and illusory event, you make an erroneous judgment about what you see and confirm to your client that their partner is unfaithful, and you can even describe in detail the figure of the partner and the person with whom they is supposedly being unfaithful, because the false images have been perfectly recorded in the astral, using as a model the person the client suspects.

And of course, the person making the consultation recognizes the prediction as true because you have given them precise details of information that you should not know, and it fit perfectly with the illusion they has in their mind, and then they proceeds to divorce their partner, who is innocent of everything that is happening.

Imagine for a moment, the painful Karma you have just acquired, for having unconsciously provoked a rupture between these two people who had come together to have a Karmatic apprenticeship. Add to this how much worse it is if there are children in the couple who are traumatized by this rupture, which could have been avoided if there had been no external interference.

At this point it can be argued that all this was part of the Karma to be resolved by the couple, and it is true, but that does not exempt the diviner and the person who induced the other to consult him or her from having to suffer the consequences of intervening in that Karma.

A conscious initiate knows that their gifts, whatever they may be, must never be used to violate the laws of nature, and that their task is really to put them at the service of initiatory work, to guide and lead unconscious initiates to find their life purpose and to expand the work of consciousness in this world.

And if you are one of those unconscious initiates who engage in using your faculty of divination to reveal a false present or, worse, a false future to anyone who approaches you or pays you for it, then remember that your painful Karma will increase as your interference with karmic learning affects a greater number of people.

At this point I must give you one last warning, for you should know that painful Karma is greatly increased when Karmatic interference is done with the knowledge that what is being done is wrong.

Now that you know the consequences of interfering with another's Karma, be aware that your own Karma will be heavier if you interfere, intentionally or unintentionally, with another's becoming awareness.

In our next article I will address a subject much discussed in public, but at the same time little known by the uninitiated in its true scope: The planes of evolution of consciousness.

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.