The word redeem comes from the Latin redimere (red = back, again and emere = to take, to acquire) and means to rescue or recover someone or something held captive, hostage or in the power of another. For example, to recover a pledged pledge, or to free a person who is held hostage by another or who is unconsciously enslaved to an obligation, a promise, a belief, etc.

But the act of redemption or redeeming oneself, has its rules, and you cannot redeem something or someone without paying the price that is demanded of you in exchange for that liberation. A price that is usually high for the redeemer, whether it is the sacrifice of money, material goods, health, freedom or even life itself.

Therefore, every time someone interferes with another person's Karma, whether they know it or not, they must pay the price of interfering with the process of awareness that they must experience; and it is important that we are clear about this, for ignorance of the existence or operation of the Law of Karma creates an additional burden to our own painful Karma that we must deal with.

Take for example, the case of a person we find starving or in extreme poverty, karmically this means that this person may have been in their previous life, in the first case, excessive in eating and drinking and indifferent to the food needs of their own family. And in the second case, they may have been wasteful and lavish with money, equally indifferent to the needs of their own; and this person chose to reincarnate to learn through pain and suffering the value of a plate of food, of moderation in eating and drinking, and of thrift and foresight.

Let's say you unconsciously decide to interfere in that person's Karma and feed them and give them money to spend without they having done anything to earn it; it is obvious that for this reason they will not become aware of the lesson they has decided to learn and you, by directly interfering in themself learning process, will cause them to continue being gluttonous or wasteful.

Then you will have added a new traumatic experience to your Karma and you will certainly not be able to deal with the personal Karma you came to resolve because someone will interfere with it and your opportunity to become more conscious will be delayed because you will have to wait for another incarnation to try again.

To understand a little more about the example given in the previous paragraph, about the Karma of wastefulness, I recommend that you read in the New Testament of the Bible, the parable of the prodigal son or squanderer in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 15, verses 11 to 32, where you can see that the purpose of the Law of Karma is not to punish but to create awareness in human beings, as long as the Law is allowed to act as it should.

Therefore, being supportive or charitable does not mean that we should solve the problems and suffering of others just because we are more fortunate than they are, because if so, our fortune is a consequence of Karmatic merit, because Karma does not only apply to pain and suffering, but also to fortune and happiness.

We initiates who act as instructors often consciously intervene in the Karma of our disciples, not by directly solving their problems, but by helping them to understand the true cause or origin of their suffering and teaching them how to overcome it. As the famous Chinese philosopher, teacher and writer Confucius said, "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day; teach him to fish and he will eat forever."

At this point you will have realized that as an instructor of The Western Initiatory Chain, this and all the articles I publish on the website of The Line of Saint James, have among other purposes, to help the reader to understand the reason of their suffering so that he can become aware of it and overcome it; but also to teach them the universal laws and principles that govern our existence and that, if they follows them, will lead them to find harmony and prosperity in their life.

The main source of all suffering

In occultism and esotericism it is stated that the main source of all human suffering - big or small - is to be found in the so-called seven deadly sins; and that there is one of them, which is not only considered the main one, but also influences the other six. It is our tendency to behave in a haughty or excessively arrogant and conceited manner towards others.

Pride and excessive arrogance, like every fact or circumstance in the universe, has two aspects or two faces, because one thing is the personality that a proud individual shows to others and quite another what they hides inside.

Externally, pride manifests itself in people who:

  • They feel superior or better than others and often speak very convincingly.
  • As a result, they feel very confident in what they do and say, so they address others in an arrogant manner.
  • They constantly point out the shortcomings of other people and institutions and prejudge them in a cruel and disrespectful way, even if they are not sure of what they are saying.
  • They have such a high opinion of themself that they rarely admit their mistakes, because they always find an excuse or a responsible person to blame for their errors.
  • They are intolerant of others belief's and always try to impose their own. In a conversation, they always interrupt the interlocutor to divert attention to their own opinion.
  • They are skilled at socializing and are accustomed to praise, show solidarity, show false humility or tell others things that they do not really believe or feel, but that make them heard or popular at meetings.

But internally the truth behind the pride is that these people are:

  • Insecure and constantly try to hide their fears and flaws.
  • They have a great fear of being treated with contempt or hypocrisy.
  • They are very envious of the achievements of others.
  • Deep down, they need the approval of others or their ego will collapse.
  • They fear discrediting themself if they publicly or privately acknowledge their shortcomings and mistakes.
  • They prefer to isolate and hide rather than face their own demons, so they often turn to alcohol, drugs, overwork, extreme sports and lust as an escape route to ignore their remorse of the consciousness.

All human beings, without exception, by the mere fact of being incarnated in this world, suffer to a greater or lesser degree from pride and arrogance, which in occultism and esotericism is known as the true original sin, and our painful Karma will always be associated with our greater or lesser inclination towards them. That is why we initiates try to constantly practice the Golden Rule; "treat others as you would like them to treat you", therefore do not do to others what you would not like them to do to you. And I would add the other aspect: "but also do not allow others to do to you what you would never do to them".

In our next article we will return to the subject of prophecy, clairvoyance and clairvoyance, for now that you have a greater understanding of the Law of Karma and the consequences of meddling in its work, you are prepared to understand what happens to unconscious seers and prophets when they decide to meddle in the future of mankind, revealing to them a possible or in some cases probable future that they are forbidden to know, for our painful Karma will increase as our interference in the learning of others affects a greater number of people.

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.