As you will recall, in a previous article I said that for all practical purposes we would call Law of Karma to Law of Universal Justice; well, I chose that name because Karma is a well-known term in the West, although it belongs to Eastern philosophy, but in fact in the traditional teachings of the West the Law of Universal Justice has been known since antiquity as the Law of Talion.

This law is enunciated in the bible, the holy book of the west, and has been handed down from generation to generation in a popular and summarised form with the sentence: "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth". In occultism and esotericism this sentence means that universal justice when applying a penalty or rather when demanding compensation for a wrong act that has been committed, the penalty or sanction to be applied will not be something equivalent or similar to the error or harm committed, but will be identical to it.

For the only way for a person to become aware of the harm he or she has caused to another or others is to personally experience the very effects of that harm; and that is why reincarnation, or the need to reincarnate, is the means employed by universal justice when a period of existence in this world was not sufficient for a person to become aware and conscious of what he or she must learn.

"And if there is death, then thou shalt pay life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise."

The bible, Exodus 21:23-25

(Jubilee Bible 2000)

In other words, any painful or traumatic situation that a person is experiencing at this moment has its origin in his or her own behaviour; that is, in his or her way of thinking, feeling or acting, be it because of a past or present event. Because this person's unconscious behaviour has created and continues to create a Karmatic debt that grows more and more every day, and therefore, along with it, his pain and suffering.

The hidden and traditional teachings of the West teaching assures us that before being reborn or reincarnated, the unconscious evolving spirit voluntarily chooses, among other things, the place, family, partner, children, siblings, friends, etc., with whom it will relate to during its future existence and with whom it has Karmatic debts to settle.

Therefore, your main task in coming to this world is to resolve those Karmatic debts by facing painful situations which you must convert into aware experiences, for if you do not do so, and assume that your traumas and sufferings are the fault of others and not your own unconscious actions, then you will have to return again and again to this plane, to continue not only to experience pain, but on each return your painful experiences will occur with greater intensity and with the same people with whom you were unable to harmonise, until you understand and compensate; That is, until he becomes aware and learns the lesson or lessons he must learn.

The origin of Karma seems easy to understand, but in reality it is not, and so I will give some examples of unconscious actions that generate and multiply painful Karma.

The divorce and traumatic separations

As I explained earlier, when two people come together in a relationship, this union was already agreed upon before they were born, because they both have outstanding debts to repay. If for example one of the partners turns out to be an abusive person, the other person was most certainly an abuser in a previous life or lives and in the present life must learn what an abused person suffers.

But at the same time, the person who was abused before and now abuses his or her partner is doing so out of an unconscious memory of what he or she suffered with that person and feels the need for revenge. This creates a vicious circle between both people that can be repeated for centuries, until at least one of them realises how harmful his or her attitude is, gives up the desire for revenge and becomes aware that violence is not the way to resolve conflicts.

Once this has been achieved, the person who has become aware of relating without violence will no longer be obliged to continue to relate to the other person as a partner. However, the other person, who has not yet become aware of his or her need to leave the path of violence, will continue to attract violent people as partners who will continue to abuse him or her in a new cycle of painful experiences until one of them breaks the cycle.

In modern society, the solution to this Karmatic conflict tries to be solved with divorce, or if there is no legal union, with a simple separation, but as you can deduce from the above, separation or divorce without awareness leads both people to immediately look for other partners where they will repeat the same situations, and they will go from divorce to divorce and break-up to break-up, blaming the other for their attitudes.

In these cases, many opt for solitude thinking that this is a solution, but their frustrations will simply be transferred to family members; parents, children, siblings etc., or ultimately to their own friends, thus creating endless cycles of painful reincarnations with other people, and worst of all, even when they are surrounded by many people, at the end of their lives these people will actually be totally alone, bitter, frustrated and resentful, always thinking that it is others or that life has been unfair to them.

Apply this example to your painful experiences with your parents, siblings, friends, enemies, bosses, rulers, friends, etc., and you will understand that only you can break this vicious circle; and as I expressed at the end of the previous article, this will not be possible until you decide to accept full responsibility for all your actions and, as the unconscious initiate that you seek to be aware, stop trying to hold others responsible for your failures and misfortunes.

The initiatory work consists of learning to accept painful and traumatic experiences as teachings that connect us with our unconscious memories and thus avoid repeating them, but also learning to understand that all human suffering has its origin in the same person who suffers, so that trying - out of ignorance - to interfere in the Karma of others will cause the law to charge us with interfering in the lesson or lessons that person must learn, and so there are two very popular sayings that try to reflect the consequences of unconsciously interfering in the Karma of others; "He who becomes a redeemer ends up crucified" and "Hell is full of people with good intentions".

In our next article I will continue to show some examples that can serve as orientation for the unconscious initiates who aspire to break the cycle of traumatic reincarnations, but keep in mind that I say traumatic but not painful, because as the famous Swiss initiate, psychiatrist, psychologist and essayist Carl Gustav Jung rightly said, there can be no coming to awareness without experiencing pain.

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.