It is practically impossible to understand the true causes of human suffering without accepting reincarnation-resurrection as the effective mechanism employed by the universe to enable us unconscious spiritual Beings to transform ourselves into conscious spiritual Beings. And this transformation -which is known as Conscious Evolution- is impossible to achieve if we do not learn to know the true nature and reasons why pain and suffering exist, as well as the causes that originate them.

It all begins with the fact that the unconscious spiritual Being does not have the capacity to feel and therefore cannot experience what is pain, pleasure, joy or suffering, because these experiences are only provided by the association of the unconscious spiritual Being with two temporary or perishable vehicles; the astral body also called the soul or psyche and the physical body also known as the dense body, which are formed and united with the spirit so that its capacity to feel is possible.

This union is called animate material existence or living soul, and should not be confused with inanimate material existence, for the latter only manifests a type of life called elemental. In occultism and esotericism it is affirmed that the physical body lasts as long as a life, that the psychic body or soul lasts as long as a conscious evolution, and that the spiritual Being is eternal.

Note that I am differentiating between animate and inanimate material existence, for only animate material existence enables the spirit to generate consciousness and awareness. But it is not enough that the unconscious spirit can perceive pain and suffering through incarnation, but the real purpose of aware evolution is that he can retain a complete memory of both the causes and the consequences that produced his sufferings.

But unfortunately this is not an easy task to achieve, because the soul or human psyche is highly sensitive to pain and suffering, and if it perceives that the physical body, the mental body or itself is in danger of suffering extreme damage because it cannot bear the intensity of the pain or suffering that the unconscious Being is experiencing, it will activate a natural mechanism of forgetting that stores or archives in a safe place those traumatic experiences, their origins and their consequences, so that later it can remember them little by little without causing irreversible damage to that human Being.

Thus, these painful experiences are stored in detail in what in occultism and esotericism is known as our unconscious ancestral memory. There are techniques developed exclusively for initiates that allow them to awaken to these traumatic memories, but under the strict supervision of an experienced instructor who has been trained and above all who has himself experienced this aware awakening and knows how to achieve it without any risk of imbalance.

Unfortunately, some of this knowledge has filtered down to the uninitiated and they have developed very dangerous techniques that tend to seek the awakening of memories stored in our ancestral memory. But the non-initiates ignore that if they achieve this awakening without having first done the initiatory work of conscious acceptance of personal responsibility for these acts, these techniques can lead to insanity.

Fortunately, in the vast majority of cases, these non-initiatic techniques fail to break the psychic and mental block that has naturally occurred as protection and people soon become discouraged and abandon such practices; but, if that person is an unconscious initiate and uses his willpower to achieve this, he will most likely become so unbalanced that this imbalance, as I have already expressed, may become irreversible.

The unconscious ancestral memory thus consists of a detailed record of all traumatic experiences of a physical, psychic and mental nature that have been lived since the first incarnation and successive reincarnations. This record - when these three bodies are perfectly and holistically synchronized - allows the human being to remember these painful experiences, as well as their causes and consequences, in order to avoid repeating them.

This ancestral information is stored in 23 storage units possessed by each of our three basic bodies. Physically they are stored in the chromosomes that make up the human body, psychically in the chromosomatic matrix of our astral body and mentally in 23 sectors of a radiant energy field called Akashic in Eastern philosophy; these records of human events are not only individual but also include collective events.

The problem of unconscious human beings arises because, given that we are born to become aware human beings, that purpose requires that learning be done by our own direct experience, through trial and error, and where every error produces suffering. Suffering that can be physical when seeking to gain consciousness, or psychic and mental when seeking to gain awareness.

Alchemical transmutation of pain into awareness

One of the great secrets of initiatory alchemy is to transform a painful and traumatic experience into awareness and thus prevent its repetition in this and subsequent lives. And this can only be achieved by learning to discover the true origin of such experiences, and incredible as it may seem, our search will always - without exception - lead us to ourselves.

Therefore, as long as an unconscious initiate insists on holding others responsible for his failures and misfortunes, his suffering will only increase; For he will never be able to consciously access his painful memories, much less their origins and consequences, for he is directing his search in the opposite direction, and will therefore be subject to a Karmatic future in which he will have to be born and reborn or incarnate and reincarnate again and again, until he achieves the goal of becoming aware and realizing that it is he and he alone, who is responsible for creating his own destiny.

As you will appreciate, a single article is not enough to fully analyze and understand the causes of human suffering and the origin of the Karmatic future; that is why in our next article I will try to give some examples that may help to better understand this subject and we will clearly see the dangers and consequences of violating the law of Talion when we unconsciously interfere in the Karma of others.

Prof. Publio S. Colmenares B.